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"I am delighted to know that a documentary is in the works on the life story of the great Pakistani physicist, Dr. Abdus Salam. Dr. Salam has been and continues to be an inspiration for children who have a passion for learning, discovering and inventing. His great contribution to Physics is, what he called, the 'shared heritage of mankind', which we all celebrate. In addition, I have the honor of being a Nobel Laureate from Pakistan after him; the whole country is proud of his contributions. The initiative by Zakir Thaver and Omar Vandal of making a film on him is very timely. His story of brilliance needs to be told and amplified. I am greatly looking forward to watching the documentary soon."
—Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Laureate

Physics Societies/Institutions
“The members of the American Physical Society will be pleased that you have chosen to make a film about Abdus Salam. Such a film will be extremely valuable in helping people to appreciate this most remarkable physicist and person”
Dr. Alan Chodos, Associate Executive Officer, American Physical Society

“The proposed film looks interesting and exciting and I am sure that the members of the Institute of Physics will be pleased that you have chosen to produce it.”
Dr. Robert Kirby-Harris, Chief Executive, Institute of Physics, UK

“The proposed documentary identifies the origins, scientific quality, humanism and the role of science in Muslim culture. The EPS would like to encourage all potential funding agencies to provide their support for this project.”
Ove Poulsen, President, European Physical Society

“Prof. Salam remains a source of great inspiration to all of us and we would be very happy to receive any film or other material about his life and work. We will also be happy to show such a film to a wide audience of students in India through the IPA chapters as well as other like minded organizations.”
M. N. Vahia, General Secretary, Indian Physics Association

“For reasons personal, national and scientific, I feel a film about him [Salam] would be a befitting gesture to honor the great man…any help from the Pakistani Physical Society is at your disposal to start and complete this truly needed venture.”
Dr. Ghulam Murtaza, President, Pakistan Physical Society

“We would be very glad to contribute to such an endeavor [in terms of] actions for the distribution of such a film among Italian physicists and among the schools.”
Giuseppe-Franco Bassani, President, Italian Physical Society

“I support the endeavor and believe that it could be valuable; I will be happy to help in any way I can…Salam was a great man by many measures and I hope that the film will bring out his qualities through the depiction of his extraordinary work...”
K. R. Sreenivasan, Former Director, Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, ITALY

"[The docufilm] promises to be not only interesting but also to serve as an example of how one person can make a difference in the lives of so many others. EBASI was created by Professor Salam in 1988 with the hope that it could contribute in a very positive way by enhancing the development of science and technology infrastructure so needed by the peoples of Africa. That purpose and mission continues to this day–successfully two decades later–and demonstrates and validates the wisdom of Professor Salam....we especially anticipate film completion and hope we will be able to utilize it in our upcoming conference and workshop projects."
Dr. Milton D. Slaughter, Chair, Edward Bouchet Abdus Salam Institute (EBASI), USA, ITALY and AFRICA
“To this day I remain in awe of what my late father achieved in such a short space of time and the impact he had on so many lives, in so many ways. We desperately need role models from the developing countries to act as an inspiration for the youth of today and I believe this docu-film will go a long way to achieving this.  We are delighted to be a part of this project and will open our archives and records to Kailoola Productions so that they may produce the ultimate reference material for the younger generations of today.”
Ahmad Salam, London, UK.

“A film that encompasses his marvelous achievements in physics and in promoting science for the Third World should be truly inspirational.”
Dame Louise Johnson Salam (1940-2012), Professor of Molecular Biophysics, Oxford University, UK.

“I am delighted to know that a video documentary on the life and works of Prof. Salam is finally in the process of production, and wish to lend my full support to this venture…Zakir Thaver and Omar Vandal bring with them the requisite energy and enthusiasm needed for making the huge effort that this documentary calls for. They have vigorously researched writings on Prof. Salam and searched for useful materials. If they do a good job – as I think they indeed will – they will have taken a small step toward rectifying the historical injustice done to a great son of the soil.”
Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, Professor of Physics, Foreman Christian College, PAKISTAN

“I am impressed with the idea to present the Nobel Laureate through the proposed documentary as an icon for the new generation as liberal Muslims face difficult challenges. Many eminent figures of public scene were associated with the [Abdus Salam] Foundation. The present Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the noted film actor Dilip Kumar joined a galaxy of leading Indians to support the initiative.”
Salman Khurshid, President, Abdus Salam Foundation, INDIA

“[Salam’s] wider contribution to the global community through the promotion of science and technology capacity building as a route to development is of immense importance. Forging international scientific collaboration, North-South and East-West is critical to future successful growth and development for all nations. A record of the life and work of Professor Salam will be inspiration to current and future generations, and I support the plans to make this film.”
Sir David King, Chief Scientific Advisor, HM Government and Head of the Office of Science and Techology, UK

“First Run is very interested in reviewing the completed film for distribution consideration. Should we acquire the film, we would maximize the film’s niche-marketing opportunities through coordinating outreach with science organizations and educational trusts/NGOs."
Cleo Godsey, Director of Business Affairs, First Run Features (independent theatrical and home video distributor)


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